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An evil machine is stealing and corrupting precious crystals from the pyus, turning them into deadly weapons! You must help the shard people defeating that malevolent foe, whatever the cost!

Play as a swarm of little crystals and take back what has been stolen, but be careful: each shot you fire is one of your pyus giving its life away for the greater good.



We strongly encourage you to play using a controller to experience the game at its best! 

If you do so plug the controller before lauching the game or restart the game.


Erosion is a shoot'em up with a strong emphasis on aesthetic, crafted with love by ENJMIN students in 6 weeks.

Programmers : 

Morgan "MagxmaDUCK" Jobbins  |  itch.io page
Alfred "Xenation" Brisac |  itch.io page

 Graphic Designers :

Manon Pieri  |  itch.io page  |  artstation
Romane Garcia  |  itch.io page | artstation

Game Designers :

Hugo "Alterisateur" Dunas-Wald  |  itch.io page
Guillaume "Giome" Dartoen  |  itch.io page  | website

Sound Designer :

Jeremy "iMerge" Guarober  |  itch.io page | bandcamp

UI / UX Designer :

 Paul "Bojack" Eyheramouno  |  itch.io page  |  website

Manager :

Ambroise "Damon" Durand  |  itch.io page

We hope you'll have a great time playing our game!


Erosion v1.1_01.zip 213 MB


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This is fantastic! The swarm and defense mechanics paired with the complete lack of aim makes this a really tense game of positioning and it's just works so damn well! Always interesting to see what you can do with the subtraction of a mechanic, damn fine work here!