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Did you know?
Keyboards contain about 40.000x more germs
than an entire room full of banana peels!
Pretty astounding, ain't it?

Interact with your keyboard and see how it affect
the tenant(s) of your petri dish.
You can start with writing your name or...
whatever goes through your head.



Yann RoirandProducer
Anthony de RuedaGame Designer
Guillaume DartoenGame Designer
Séverin MichautLead Developer
Laura Lassus-PigatDeveloper
Hubert MarretDeveloper, Producer
Léandre RenouardCreative Director
Agathe LoubièreGraphic Artist
Louis NaudinSound Designer

the screenhots are automatically saved
in the "ArtJam_Data" folder


Build 8.zip 67 MB

Install instructions

-download the .zip file
-unzip it
-open the unzipped folder
-double-click the .exe

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